Product Reminder

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    • Stimulate repeat purchases and increase your sales.
    • Remind your customers to order your products again.



    Why Product Reminder

    Product Reminder reminds your customer that he should order his ordered products again. You link one or more products to a reminder, compose a nice reminder message and the number of days that must have passed since a purchase and your customer always receives a reminder in time.



    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by email)

    Step 2: Add a reminder.

    Step 3: Select which products and/or categories the reminder applies to

    Step 4: Select how many days there are between placing the order and sending the reminder.

    Step 5: Create a personalized reminder message.

    Step 6: Save your configuration. Product Reminder does the rest.


    Extra information

    You can link multiple products or categories to one reminder. It is also possible to create multiple reminders.


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