Abandoned Cart

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-          Remind your customers of products in their abandoned cart

-          Create personalized reminder emails that are automatically sent to your customers

-          Decide how often and when your customers are remembered


Why abandoned cart?

For a number of reasons, customers forget their shopping cart. Some do not have the means of payment at hand, while others deliberately postpone their purchase.


With the abandoned cart application you can easily remind your customers of their abandoned cart and still encourage them to complete the purchase. Personalized reminder e-mail texts can be adjusted at your own discretion and automatically sent to your customers at any time.


How does abandoned cart work?

In the app you can set when a customer should receive an email with a reminder of his abandoned cart. You decide how many emails customers receive and determine what is in this mail.


It is also possible to see in the overview which abandoned carts are still open.




Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

Step 2: Determine how much and how often your customers receive an email and set up your texts. 

Step 3: Save your settings. Abandoned cart does the rest.


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